Siedle Video Intercom Systems: Communicate with visitors while on the move

Siedle Video Intercom With Mobile App: Compare to a conventional intercom system, video surveillance provides significantly more security and convenience. Thanks to the Siedle app, you can view the video feed on your smartphone. No risk of opening the door by accident: The front door only opens once the user has dragged the virtual key onto the door lock. More…

Trust is important when it’s about opening doors. About reliability, security and that good feeling of having made the right choice.

Vario Audio & Video Intercom: Thanks to its modular concept, the Siedle Vario works with any construction specification or design requirements. It can be used for larger applications by using a sequence of modules. Raised, backlit symbols make for easy use.

Positioned horizontally with letterboxes or vertically with a fingerprint module: The Siedle Vario camera sits harmoniously among any configuration of the system components. Its prominence is part of the security concept; the mere presence of video surveillance can act as a deterrent. More…

Steel Audio & Video Intercom: With Siedle Steel, an intercom system with the classic functions of hearing, speaking and opening doors already meets the highest demands in terms of individuality and quality.

Siedle Steel integrates the high-resolution color camera in a precisely fitting section in the massive operating level. With a horizontal viewing angle of up to 175 °, it covers the entire entrance area. The clear aesthetics of Siedle Steel with the invisible fastening and the completely flat surface are retained. More…

Video Panel & Axiom: The touchscreen is ideal for selecting and activating more complex functions. In these cases, the screen is more effective than large sets of buttons. The separate physical buttons control the key functions which require immediate and highly reliable operation.

The subtile design lends Siedle Axiom a sculptural quality. Clear lines and distinctive angles emphasis the architectural character. The striking shape of this innovative indoor station reflects Siedle’s high design standards. The speech and door release functions are possible without display. The different button shapes prevents users from pressing the wrong button; clear icons show the functions, while the coloured backlighting indicates the status. The tactile feedback provides reassurance during use. More…

Siedle secures homes and buildings with precisioned technological mastery and uncommon elegance:

• Commercial and residential security systems featuring anti-burglary, card access, IP intercoms and closed circuit tv providing secure video door IP intercom functions.
• Building entry security systems with IP intercom, video and access control.
• Video door entry phones and systems, remote video IP intercom camera systems, and video interphones
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