Mobile and secure: The Siedle app has access to the door communication system at all times – at home, on the move or from all over the world. Users can see who is at their door live on their smartphones or tablets. The IT processes behind this, which also include data exchange with our cloud-based server in Germany, are certified according to ISO 27001.

Communicate on the go

At home, near to home, on a business trip or on holiday, via WiFi or mobile phone network: The Siedle app controls the entrance. It receives the door call, transmits a live video feed, establishes a speech connection and opens the door. Additional convenience, such as the handy video memory included.
Secure use

From receiving a door call to opening the door – security is top priority at Siedle: The app delivers a perfect video image; the intuitive usage concept prevents most errors. An additional security prompt prevents the door from being opened accidentally. Data transfer is encrypted.
Smart Home. Hosted in Germany.

At the heart of the intelligent Siedle IQ system lies a cloud-based server. It makes mobile door communication possible for all Siedle systems: Access Professional, In-Home bus, 1+n and 6+n. Communication is encrypted – both between system and server and between the server and the Siedle app. So there is no personal data on the server that could be used by unauthorised persons.
With app: our cost-effective starter sets

The easiest and most cost-effective way to create an intercom system: The Siedle sets with app. Including door station, Smart Gateway and mains supply. And five app licenses, for the whole family for instance.

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